D I C T U M - F A C T U M


One of the major constituents of our work is diplomacy in relation to our Clients, colleagues and opponents. In case of any conflict of interests of our Clients we implement the mediation practice free of charge.


In the process of our work we rely on the professional code of conduct, business practice and generally recognized rules of morality.


High degree of competence of our specialists is characterized by background knowledge and long-term practical experience.


Positive relations are based on assurance in decency and well-wishing of each member of our team.


Understanding facilitates creation of favorable psychological climate in our team.


The system of financial and non-financial motivation developed by dictum-factum group is one of the most important elements of our teams’ work efficiency improvement.

fixed price

Amount of the consideration pre-agreed with the Client for the project implementation remains unchanged.


A detailed report on the current situation and/or the progress of works on the project is submitted with frequency determined by the Client.


A warranty of strict confidentiality of any information provided by the Client. Information connected with provision of legal assistance constitutes client-lawyer privilege and may not be disclosed regardless of any circumstances, including upon institution of a criminal case.


Consists in evaluation and discussion with the Client of possibilities of a particular problem resolution, as well as prior agreement of the action plan for the project.

ultimate solution

We develop an optimal solution for fulfillment of the task specified by our Client

maximum result

The priority of our work is achievement of the maximum result, determined by the Client, with minimal material and time costs.

About us

Our company DICTUM-FACTUM (“WHAT IS SAID IS DONE”, in Latin) focuses on providing complex legal and accounting support to small and middle businesses, as well as on representing corporate clients' interests in their relations with government authorities of legislative, executive, and judicial branch.

In the course of its existence, DICTUM-FACTUM has gained its reputation as a team of highly qualified legal and accounting support professionals.

Currently, DICTUM-FACTUM employs more than ten lawyers and trained specialists vastly experienced in supporting organizations of various fields, which enables it to deliver best results when dealing with projects of the highest complexity.

DICTUM-FACTUM's mission is to provide high quality services in compliance with universal industry standards and available to small and middle-sized businesses, and to establish the company as a leading domestic provider of legal and accounting services.

High level client support is assured by the Company's commitment to basic principles of service provision and DICTUM-FACTUM's philosophy of work.